WordPress vs Wix: [Everything You Need To Know]

Do you need clarification about deciding between WordPress vs Wix? Which one is right for building your dream website? Well! You are in a good place.

WordPress is better than Wix because it lets users make more complex websites and adjust them to their preferences.

Wix doesn’t give you as much flexibility with design as WordPress, but it will be much easier for newbies to use right away.

Since different kinds of people use WordPress and Wix, your final choice will depend on your experience level and why you want to start a website. Continue reading to learn more!

wordpress vs squarespace

WordPress vs Wix: Which Is The Best For 2023?

Let’s have a quick look at the following things to figure out the best one for your needs.

1# Web Design

With Wix, you can pick from over 800 predesigned templates. You can choose a layout that works for your needs, whether you’re creating a website for a company, blog, sports, etc.

wordpress vs wix web design

On the other hand, WordPress has over 9,000 free themes from which you can select. You can install a default WordPress theme or choose one from a developer outside of WordPress. You can easily switch themes any time you want, unlike Wix.

wordpress vs wix web design

Therefore, WordPress wins in this category because it offers a bigger selection of customizable themes.

2# User-Friendliness

After making a new account on Wix, you can use this platform to build your website for free. Once you decide what kind of website you want to make, Wix will suggest adding things like bookings, events, groups, pricing plans, a blog, forms, forums, a chat feature, and so on.

wordpress vs wix user friendliness
wordpress vs wix user friendliness

When it comes to using WordPress, there is a small learning curve. Due to this, many people install the CMS using a reliable web host. After buying your specified plan and a domain name, you need to install WordPress by logging into your cPanel dashboard. The process is very simple.

Also, when you log into your WordPress dashboard, you can use many features or tools that are easy to use. For example, the related tabs make it easy to track all of your posts, pages, etc.

wordpress vs wix user friendliness
wordpress vs wix user friendliness

Hence, both platforms (Wix and WordPress) are user-friendly for beginners.

3# Pricing Plans

You may be wondering whether to use WordPress or Wix to save money. Both have various pricing plans, making it difficult to compare them.

Wix has a single package that includes all its services, including hosting, e-commerce, themes, apps, domain names, and customer service. While most apps on the Wix App Store are free, some require a fee.

The Wix website plans’ yearly cost ranges from $4.50/month to $24.50/month.

wordpress vs wix pricing

In WordPress, anyone can download this software free of charge. You’ll need a web hosting package, a domain name, and an SSL certificate to run your site properly. Most of the time, you can acquire all of these features in one plan with the ideal hosting company.

Prices for these hosting packages can vary based on the hosting provider. Hence, at TMDHosting, you can get a WordPress website hosting plan that ranges from $5.95/month to $9.95/month.

wordpress vs wix pricing

4# Third-Party Extensions [Apps & Plugins]

In Wix, the third-party extensions are known as Apps, and in WordPress, they are called Plugins. Let’s talk about their difference.

In Wix, you can add over 200 applications to your site. These apps have various features, including email marketing, galleries, social media buttons, contact forms, comments, etc.

wordpress vs wix plugins

On the contrary, the plugin directory has over 60,000 free plugins. Premium plugins also are offered in other markets.

There is a reliable plugin for everything you want, including producing contact forms, making membership websites, selling online courses, installing Google Analytics, etc

You can do anything on your dream website with WordPress.

wordpress vs wix plugins

5# Blogging

With Wix, adding a blog area to your website is simple. It offers all the fundamental blogging features you’ll ever need. Such as categories, tags, images and videos, archives, etc.

Wix blogs take longer to load comments and are more challenging to manage than WordPress blogs.

wordpress vs wix blogging

WordPress began as a platform for blogging, but it has grown into a full-fledged site builder.

It now runs more than 44% of all sites on the internet. It has everything you need to blog, like a built-in commenting structure and other modern features that Wix doesn’t have.

wordpress vs wix blogging

6# E-commerce

E-commerce is a feature of Wix’s premium plans. Users of the free plan can only operate their online businesses on Wix by switching to a paid plan.

wordpress vs wix ecommerce

WordPress makes it incredibly simple to set up your virtual store with WooCommerce – the most well-known e-commerce site.

WordPress has several different e-commerce plugins for selling digital or physical products, services, memberships, and many more.

wordpress vs wix ecommerce

7# Customer Support

Wix has helpful forums, online chat, and phone support. Wix articles & tutorials are also available and highly beneficial to newcomers. You can expect some backward and forward for most technical issues, but they will provide the correct answer in the end.

Simply put, there is no official help for WordPress. The community forums can help you locate what you’re looking for, but be prepared for hit-or-miss results and sometimes answers hidden in a sea of comments.

WordPress vs Wix: Which One Can Be The Ideal Solution For You?

Key Factor Winner
Web Design
Pricing Plans
Third-Party Extensions
Customer Support
wordpress vs wix

Final Words For WordPress vs Wix

No matter what kind of site you want to make, WordPress is a much better platform for creating websites than Wix.

Wix has a user-friendly website builder, but you can do more things with WordPress in the long run.

Do you have a question regarding WordPress vs Wix? Please a leave comment below. 

Thanks for reading!

Which one is good for SEO: WordPress VS Wix?

WordPress is superior for SEO since you can leverage many SEO plugins & tools that can add any open graph meta tags, perform on-site SEO assessments, create sophisticated XML sitemaps, and much more.

Is WordPress more Cost-Effective than Wix?

Yes. WordPress is cheaper than Wix. The core WordPress software package is free. But you must spend some money on a domain name & web hosting.

Which Is Good for Blogging Business: WordPress VS Wix?

You can make blog pages and publish blog posts on both platforms. But professional bloggers often choose WordPress because of its robust block editor.

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